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Z4: Aerobic power (The Spicy Zone!)

Today we’re kicking it into maximum VO2 over drive and talking about the aerobic power zone. More specifically I’ll be taking time to discuss VO2max vs velocity at VO2max (vVO2max), the benefits of training in this zone, and how to design and structure aerobic power training! Before we get into the article here’s a quick […]

Z+: Anaerobic power (aka Super Speed Zone)

Most the athletes I work with and probably anyone reading this blog are aerobic creatures. So why am I talking about anaerobic training? And more importantly why do I assign anaerobic training to my athletes? Also why am I asking hypothetical questions to my readers even though my high school English teacher specifically told me […]

How I Think about Training Zones and Intensities

I have noticed that a lot of coaches and athletes use a lot of different terms and definitions to describe training intensity. And with that having a conversation about training can be a little difficult since we are speaking two different languages in a way. So today I just wanted to clarify how I think […]

Hello to Running: Foot Stretching Routine

Your feet serve as the main points of contact between you and the ground as you run. However, foot care tends to take a back seat for most runners. You only realize how important your feet are until they start to become painful. What’s more when pain develops in the feet there is often confusion […]

Hello to Running: Strength Routine

Ok if you have seen me in person you are probably already skeptical of me giving advice on any type of resistance resistance training. While my bench press may be pathetic, I will have you know I can carry all my groceries up to my apartment in a single trip. So I am stronger than […]

Hello to Running: Bulletproofing Stability

As a runner you often hear how important a strong core is to increase stability as you run. But let’s all be honest for a second and admit to ourselves that most of us just do core so we can look good with our shirts off. That’s ok if that’s what you want to do […]

Hello to Running: Warm Up

Why warm up? Before you begin to run, you’ll want to complete a small warm up to gradually raise your heart rate and activate the muscles you’ll be using. Think of it as an icebreaker for your run (unless you hate icebreakers, then think of it as something else). To maximize performance, it is important […]