Hello to Running: Strength Routine

Ok if you have seen me in person you are probably already skeptical of me giving advice on any type of resistance resistance training. While my bench press may be pathetic, I will have you know I can carry all my groceries up to my apartment in a single trip. So I am stronger than I look.

Many runners neglect resistance training, but it provides some awesome benefits you don’t want to miss out on. Resistance training can not only strengthen your muscles but also increase your bone mineral density and improve tendon resiliency as well. These factors are why resistance training has been associated with decreased risk of injury, improved running economy, and faster running times.

Best news of all is you don’t need a gym membership, fancy home equipment, or the free time of a professional athlete sitting around all day waiting for their next run to reap the benefits of resistance training. Here is a quick and easy routine that takes about 15 minutes to complete with minimal to no equipment needed to add to your training.

The routine:

  • Push-ups to max
  • 10 x band walks
  • 10 x tri planar toe taps
  • 20x Standing fire hydrants
  • 50x backwards lunges w/ a 20 sec lunge hold after the last rep
  • 50x lateral step ups w/ a 20sec lunge hold after the last rep
  • 10-20x Normal, toes in, and toes out eccentric calf raises (quick up/ slow down)
  • Push-ups to max

What does it work?

  • Glutes (So you can improve biomechanics and look good in those jeans!)
  • Hip flexors (So you can improve your knee drive!)
  • Quads (So you can bomb up and down hills for days!)
  • Calves (So you don’t have to have an Achilles heal… ok that one was bad.)
  • Push-ups (To improve upper body and core strength. Because let’s be honest, the upper body is almost every runner’s weak point.)

When do you do it?

I recommend getting this routine 2-3 times per week. Preferably you get them in after hard efforts like long runs and workouts. Resistance training tears down muscle and then the body rebuilds it the muscle stronger. If you avoid resistance training on workout days and save it for just for easy days you run the risk of constantly putting your body in a stressed state. Remember your body adapts during rest. So keep the hard days hard and easy days easy!